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Ouest Sécurité Marine offers a complete range of immersion suits to guarantee increased safety for all sailors.

Survival suits for your safety on board

Essential equipment on the sea

The suits of immersion are specifically designed to stay afloat and survive an emergency on the high seas. In fact, they are also known as rescue suits or dry suits.
An immersion suit is mainly in two colours – red and orange. Both colours are kept bright so that the suits can catch the attention of rescue workers.
Provided with a whistle and flashlight, the suits can also be fitted with fluoroscein and a lanyard so that they can be tied together in the water and not lose anyone.

Compliant with SOLAS regulations

Our immersion suits comply with SOLAS regulations. To find out how many immersion suits are on board a ship, reference should be made to the “Fire Control and Safety Plan”.

Made of waterproof materials

Rescue suits are usually made from materials that protect against water and extreme temperatures, such as neoprene or rubber. They guarantee complete protection against water thanks to the protective hood and the gloves supplied with each model.

Quality and approved brands

We distribute and are approved for the control of GUY COTTEN, MULLION, URSUIT, CREWSAVER, LALIZAS suits.

The SOLAS reglementation

1.Each person on board the vessel shall have their own personal immersion suit.

2.Immersion suits may be insulated, non-insulated, wearable with lifejacket (all must have sufficient buoyancy)

3. Made of waterproof material

4. Preferably RED which is very noticeable. Note that most other LSA equipment is bright orange

5. The immersion suit must be unpacked and donned within 2 minutes without any external help or assistance.

6. The person must be able to jump from a height of at least 4.5 metres into the water without life-threatening damage to the immersion suit.

7. The suit must be able to cover the whole body with the exception of the face. Hands must be covered unless permanently attached gloves are provided

8. Retro-reflective strips must be placed on the suit

9. The suit must not continue to burn or continue to melt after being fully enveloped in fire for a period of 2 seconds

10. Normal work must be possible with the suit worn.

11. The carrier must be able to climb up and down a vertical ladder at least 5 metres long

12.The wearer must be able to swim a short distance

13. The immersion suit is worn in cold weather when the temperature is below freezing

14. The suit does not allow the body temperature to drop more than 2 degrees when immersed for a period of 6 hours when the water temperature is between 0 and 2 degrees

15. The wearer of the suit, with or without the lifejacket, must be able to move from a face-down to a face-up position within a maximum of 5 seconds.

16. If a lifejacket is required with the immersion suit, it shall be worn over the immersion suit and without assistance

The French reglementation

The regulations are based on 2 key sections of Division 331

Article 331-1.02
– Orders of 02/05/02 and 24/07/09 – Technical specifications of immersion suits

1. Immersion suits shall be approved in accordance with Division 311.

2. Immersion suits to be worn in conjunction with a life jacket are not permitted.

3. The elemental protection suits provided for members of the rescue boat crew or persons in charge of a marine evacuation system on passenger ships may be of a type to be worn in conjunction with a life jacket.

Article 331-1.03 – Orders of 22/09/03 and 24/07/09 – Periodic inspection of immersion suits

1. Immersion suits shall be inspected in accordance with MSC./Circ.1114 at intervals not exceeding three years or more frequently in the case of suits over ten years old as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Periodic inspection may be carried out by the manufacturer, local inspection stations approved by the manufacturer or shipboard personnel trained and approved by the manufacturer if the ship has the appropriate equipment.

3. The results of the checks are recorded in a booklet kept on board the vessel and signed by the master.

4. On the occasion of periodic inspections, this booklet is presented to the agents authorised for ship safety inspections and controls, who may also require that equipment be tested in the conditions of use.

Our Solas immersion suit models

Norsea SOLAS Immersion Suit

crew endurance suit

CREWSAVER Suits – Crew Endurance

– Mas III

LALIZAS MED Suit- Neptune

Our Solas anti-exposure suit models

Weather suits and wetsuits for offshore sailing

MULLION Smart Solas Suit 1A

crew endurance suit

MULLION Smart Solas Suit 2A

Our other survival suit models

Weather suits and wetsuits for offshore sailing

COTTEN TPS Navigation Suit


SOLAS signal lights, fluorescein, waterproof bag, whistle

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