Rafting accessories

A range of equipment and accessories for your liferafts

A complete range of raft accessories


The cradle provides a solid, custom-made storage solution for your liferaft.

Fixing straps / hooks

The straps and hooks allow you to safely tow and launch your boat.

SIMPLE / PNEUMATIC / ELECTRIC hydrostatic spreader

The hydrostatic release is used to free the raft from a sinking ship.

Une assistance complète dans le choix de vos produits

Tailor-made advice from our experts

We don’t just sell safety equipment. We provide you with a dedicated team of professionals to advise you and offer you the solutions and products that best suit your needs.

Guaranteed safety in case of emergency

Although maritime accidents have been steadily decreasing over the last 20 years, the prevention effort must always continue. It is our duty to offer quality equipment to prevent any possible risks.

Adjustment and control of equipment

The adjustment, control and maintenance of water safety equipment is an integral part of the basic safety principles for navigation at sea.

At Ouest Sécurité Marine, we also offer a wide range of services to ensure your safety.

A complete range of raft accessories

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