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The regulations governing PPE against the risk of drowning

What is PPE against the risk of drowning

PPE against the risk of drowning is equipment intended to be worn by a seafarer when exposed to the risk of falling overboard and drowning. This equipment must be capable of bringing an exhausted or unconscious man overboard to the surface as quickly as possible, without harming his health, and floating him in a position to breathe while awaiting rescue. It may have full or partial intrinsic buoyancy or it may be inflated by means of an automatically or manually released gas or by mouth

The mandatory annual audit

PPE against the risk of drowning is subject to mandatory annual verification by a competent person (approved service provider or trained personnel). It focuses on the state of the outer shell, the tightness of the inflatable chamber and the condition of the gas cartridge. At the end of the The next verification date is written on the equipment and a certificate is issued. This one must be recorded in the ship’s safety register by the employer.

What is the obligation for professional seafarers?

Since 2007, it has been compulsory for seafarers to wear PPE to prevent the risk of drowning when exposed to the risk of falling into the sea, in particular: during fishing operations, when working at night, in the absence of visibility or in adverse weather conditions, and when travelling in dinghies or other light craft. The wearing of this PPE is also compulsory in all circumstances justifying it, of which the master is the sole judge.

Obligations for employers

As with any other PPE (gloves, helmets, protective boots, etc.), the employer must provide free PPE against the risk of drowning (approved) to his seafarers, adapted to the work to be done and for personal use. He must also train and inform his seafarers on the conditions of use and maintenance of their equipment. For their part, seafarers are required to observe these requirements

Mandatory since 2007

Since 2007, the lifejacket has been a standard piece of mandatory boating safety for seafarers. Like all PPE, the rules for its provision and use on board are governed by regulations.

Approved for your safety

As PPE designed to combat the risk of drowning, lifejackets (and all PFDs) are subject to European standards ISO 12402-1 to 10 defining the criteria for comfort and buoyancy.

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Ouest Sécurité Marine distributes and revises waistcoats of the following brands: Crewsaver, Marine Pool, Mullion, Ocean Safety, Plastimo.

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Ouest Sécurité Marine distributes and services the following brands of waistcoats.
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Although maritime accidents have been steadily decreasing over the last 20 years, the prevention effort must always continue. It is our duty to offer quality equipment to prevent any possible risks.

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The adjustment, control and maintenance of water safety equipment is an integral part of the basic safety principles for navigation at sea.

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