Ouest Sécurité Marine, the company serving the safety of sailors

For 15 years, Ouest Sécurité Marine puts all its know-how and expertise at the service of the maritime safety to protect sea users.

Our raison d’être is the safety of the users of the sea

Ouest Sécurité Marine was created in August 2007 on the initiative of maritime cooperatives that merged their life raft overhaul activities. Since then, OSM has continued to grow by diversifying its strategic areas of activity: overhaul, trading, installation, training and by increasing its territorial presence (6 overhaul stations on the Atlantic coast).

This growth has been achieved by relying on two major assets: the support of the French maritime cooperation and a privileged partnership with Survitec Zodiac, world leader on the market.

Data from the Institut Maritime de Prévention show that the mortality rate in the fishing sector is 7.2 times higher than in the construction sector, with 7.24 deaths per 10,000 fishermen.

“It is the responsibility of Ouest Sécurité Marine to provide appropriate solutions and guarantee the safety of all those who live by the sea and deal with it on a daily basis.”


Appointed to the Executive Board
26 April 2021

The values that guide all our actions

Responsibility and rigour

Our responsibility is to ensure the safety of all seafarers, professionals and amateurs. Rigour in all our control procedures is the guarantee of the quality of our work.

Crew spirit

Individual energy serves the collective. We work a lot as a team and respect each other’s work Theharmony and solidarity within our organisation are necessary to achieve our objectives.

Proximity and welcome

Our proximity to our customers is essential. We make it a point of honour to be available, attentive and altruistic.

Loyalty to our customers

Our customers trust us with their security and that of their relatives, we have a duty of openness and transparency towards them.

Security Consulting and Expertise

Our is the safety of seafarers and we must meet their expectations. Our added value is to help our customers choose the right product for their needs.

Our method


Ouest Sécurité Marine is committed to a working method based on these four actions:


    • MEETING : our customers know us through their local contacts. The distribution of our stations along the coast allows us to go out and meet the users.
    • UNDERSTAND : We strive to understand your needs and uses every day in order to best meet your expectations.
    • MEETING THE NEEDS : We provide you with technically impeccable answers that are in line with your uses and your regulatory framework.
    • MAINTAINING THE LINK : We remain at your disposal and maintain the link in order to serve you better.

Our stations

Head office PORNIC

Rue de Bruxelles
44210 Pornic
02 40 82 40 40
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Rue Robert Geffré, ZA les Rivauds
17000 La Rochelle
05 46 28 63 14
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ZA de Kerganet
29720 Ploneour-Lanvern
02 98 82 74 00
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14/18 avenue du général de Gaulle
14 520 Port en Bessin
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2 rue A.Rio
56100 Lorient
02 97 50 87 63
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18 Av. du Général Ferrié, 35400 Saint-Malo.

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Our business areas

At sea, safety must be the norm.
Ouest Sécurité Marine intervenes in several cases to guarantee the safety of users at sea.


Ouest Sécurité Marine equips professional sailors sailing alone or with a crew, in order to guarantee a maximum level of safety during fishing operations.

Passenger transport

Le transport de passagers en mer pose de nombreux problèmes de sécurité. Ouest Sécurité Marine intervenes to ensure the maritime security of boats transporting people.

The French Navy

They look after our safety, we look after theirs! The French Navy, with its high level of operational requirements, trusts Ouest Sécurité Marine for the overhaul of its onboard life rafts.

The administrations

Ouest Sécurité Marine is the preferred partner of the State and our administrations. Customs, Maritime Affairs, Gendarmerie, Lighthouses and Beacons, SNSM, firemen: they trust us all year round.

Service vessels

Our ports are the entry points for part of the international trade. We work with all port professionals: mooring, piloting, towing, dredging, bathymetry, etc.

Shipping companies

There are many workers in the sea and their jobs are as diverse as they are varied. From diving clubs to wind farm maintenance vessels and nature conservation associations, they all entrust us with their equipment.

The shipyards

Nothing beats a well-born boat. We work with shipyards to design and integrate the rescue boom, so that situations at sea can be anticipated even before the hull hits the water.

Offshore racing

High-tech boats, pushed to their maximum performance, far from the coast: we are at the skippers’ side so that every difficult situation can be mastered.


Ouest Sécurité Marine overhauls the survival equipment of yachtsmen: rafts, life jackets, wetsuits, beacons. Skippers deal with their shipchandler or directly and we act behind the scenes, at your side.

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